Q: What is WhatPro?


A: WhatPro is the first messenger really developed to be a professional tool and the first choice in communication between businesses and customers, with a completely innovative interface to provide a full featured user experience.



Q: Why should I use WhatPro instead of market already existing messengers?


A: WhatPro is developed since its conception for professional and business use by experienced engineers in information technology  and telecommunications. Which means extra security level and management, commitment with your company relationship with your customers and advanced features for management and full control for you.



Q: What extra features do you mean?


A: Today you can find many companies in the middle way between the new communication age and the old tools, making a mixed use of traditional telephony networks and extra official contacts with customers and even between team members using several personal communications available tools. The result is a decontrol inside that companies and outside with the customers, with makeshift solutions - most times chosen by employees or clients - those take to information loss and dissatisfaction. With WhatPro you have all the features available in common professional old communications tools like main contact "number" - which in new concept maybe a short name/login of your company - department segmentation, customer care automatic distribution tools, work time and schedule management, use rights management and much more.



Q: What do I have in security area?


A: The administrator, using their login, has a web interface with a complete management tool for control and manage what happens in the communication activity in the company and with the customers. He can download messages and files, delete, filter by customer, department, customer, time period or subject matter and much more. Only the administrator can access company messages. Once deleted - if wanted - the messages don´t exist anymore and cannot be accessed or downloaded. Administrator can change what channels or logins should be recorded on server or not, using in the future the communications archives for auditing or commercial purposes.



Q: What kinds of ways does WhatPro support?


A: Like any other mobile messengers, we have support for text, voice messages, calls and images. But, as a professional tool, we support also documents (.doc,.docx,pdf,txt) whose the think very important for business communications.


Q: How much this costs?


A: Despite its advanced features, it's much more cheaper than traditional old ways of communications. We have monthly and yearly signature plans starting at US$ 10. Please, contact our commercial representative for more information and take your business for the functionality and security of the real professional and modern way to communicate.







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